would you like to manage your kids' internet use?

this can easily be done by activating the parental control features in our modem. we'll explain how to accomplish this step by step.

you can setup an access profile for each child, and assign each access profile to one or more network devices in your home network. this way you can ensure that all devices such as computers, game consoles, or smartphones used by a particular person have the same limitations.

in our example we have two children:
a daughter, called ubuntu, age 16. after school, and having finished her homework we'll grant her internet access from 18h30 until 22h00.
a son, called debian, age 12. because he's younger we will grant access from 18h30 until 20u30.
during the weekend we'll use a larger time frame.

creating an access profile

  1. open your internet browser (opera, chrome, firefox, edge,...)
  2. in the address bar at the top enter the default address of your modem:
  3. if this is the first time you log on to your modem you'll be asked to create a password. having done this you can get access by providing your password.
  4. click 'internet' in the menu on the left.
  5. click 'filters'
  6. click the 'access profiles' tab on the right.
  7. on the bottom right click 'new access profile'.
  8. let's create an access profile for our daughter ubuntu. as name we set 'ubuntu'.
  9. 'period' choose 'restricted', by doing this we can create an access schedule.
  10. check 'use of guest access blocked' to prevent getting internet access by using the guest network.
  11. on the bottom right click 'ok'

same procedure for creating a profile for our son.

assigning access profiles to devices used by your children

  1. again we choose 'internet' and 'filters'.
  2. the 'parental controls' tab will show an overiew of all connected devices in your home network. our daughter has to devices, for each device we select her access profile.
  3. confirm by clicking 'apply'.