Get 1 month of free internet for each new customer

as continued to grow thanks to your trust and enthousiasm, we would like to thank all our loyal customers with this special promotion!

if you are happy with the services we provide and you think we offer the best quality/price in the market, then we invite you to share your enthousiasm with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc., we will be able to widen our services even more and fight for better prices.

of course we want to show our gratitude through a special promotion of one free month of service for every customer who subscribes to our services and finishes the full activation procedure. this means that the free month of service is automatically added to your account once the new account is fully operational and the new customer has added your unique partner code into our crm system!


although our service and rates should be your major argument to convince your friends, we also offer them 14 days of additional free service on their new account, given they enter your promo-code in our crm-system after activation.

this is your chance to not only tell your friends, but also introduce your friends into the "circle of friends".

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Dear friends of,

For some time I've been introducing new customers to dommel. As a result I don't have to pay for my connection until october 2020! That's just fantastic! No other provider has such a friends system.

M.S. (Antwerp)


It didn't took much effort to convince family and friends. For the next 8 months my internet is free of charge (oops sorry :-p ). Thanks to your Circle of Friends system!

M.D. (Beringen)

Hi dommel team,

I read on your site somebody had free internet for 8 months. Not bad, but I just wanted to let you guys know I won't be paying for internet the next 14 months. :-)

K.G. (Oostende)