Geen abonnementskost bij minimum verbruik van 3 euro.

Facturatie volgens verbruik
  • No monthly subscription fees.
  • Forfaitaire verbruikskost bedraagt maandelijks 3.00 euro. Heeft u een verbruik van 4.50 euro? Dan betaalt u gewoon 4.50 euro. Heeft u een verbruik dat minder is dan 3.00 euro? Dan betaalt u 3.00 euro.
  • Facturatie volgens verbruik
set your own budget limit
  • Determine, if desired, your monthly limit.
keep your budget under control
  • Subscribe to a daily or weekly free SMS with the status of your expenses for the current month.
no roaming charges in the EU
  • You no longer pay any roaming charges for your mobile usage in the EU. So when you call, text or browse via mobile internet from an EU country, you pay the same as at home.
known national network
  • We use a known national network which offers the most coverage.
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say goodbye to bundles
  • How about bundles? We don't believe in them! Neither should you! used to offer mobile bundles, but has learned from experience that 80% of the customers are unreasonably charged for the provider's extra costs, generated by heavy usage subscribers. another disadvantage: if in an account period, you don't exceed the bundle limits, you pay for services you haven't used. on the other hand, exceeding bundle limits will cause you to be overcharged outrageous high rates.

    on average, 30% of all call minutes are spent at short conversations (less than 1 minute) and calls to voicemail.

    each avarage or small user is thus forced into an unfair position.

    we have made a well balanced choice to take our mobile offering to the next level, where we no longer charge customers for services they don't use.

    you are only billed for what you actually use. this will lead to you mastering your monthly fees.
    - stop paying for services you don't use
    - enkel nog gefactureerd wordt voor uw reëel verbruik, met een forfaitair bedrag van 3 euro
    - take control over your monthly budget

    Order your dommel freedom here, and master your monthly fees!

The best national rates

strong savings for your national calls
  • the cheapest national rates (up to 20 times cheaper than our competition!)

  • €0.05per minute

    For calls to belgian phone numbers.(3)(9)

  • €0.02per sms

    To belgian mobile numbers.(9)
    Absolute low rates. Perfect for managing your monthly expenses.

  • €0.02per mb

    Via the best 3 g/4 g network.

(8) (7) (999) (99999)
  • € 0.00abonnementskost bij een verbruik van minimum 3 euro

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