Good news!

Hermes Telecom acquires client portfolio.

Antwerp, 29 January 2020

SCHEDOM operating under the brand DOMMEL and BILLI reached an agreement with Hermes Telecom to transfer its client portfolio towards Hermes Telecom to continue servicing them.

Hermes Telecom is a licensed regional telecom operator offering internet access services in the city of Antwerp and may extend later on towards other major cities in Flanders. The focus of Hermes Telecom exists out of a no-nonsense, no-limit internet access for a fair price. Additional to internet services Hermes Telecom will offer affordable international voice tariffs and bundles in a lean pre-paid model without minimum commitment.

With the acquisition of the DOMMEL and BILLI’s mobile clients it can extend its current offering with mobile services as well.

Together with this acquisition Hermes Telecom announces it will accept orders for existing VDSL subscribers on the Proximus network using Proximus or other operators using its infrastructure in Antwerp as a first launch phase. Afterwards new installations will be made possible by end of Q1 2020.

For the more than 3000 existing customers of Billi and Schedom nothing will change, their products will remain identical.

For more information about Hermes Telecom, visit Hermes Telecom