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Dommel Freedom will not disappear!

Good news!

Your dommel mobile Freedom subscription will not disappear. Prices and conditions will remain the same. So no need to change provider and you will keep your mobile number!

We do change the mobile network. We switch from Proximus to another network for connectivity. This means we will provide a new simcard for free.

If you’re interested, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to dommel.com/freedom
  • Verify and adjust your personal details.
  • Submit your current simcard number.
  • Confirm you would like to keep your dommel freedom number.

We will send a new simcard as soon as possible.

Dear customer,

We regret to inform you that after a long-lasting conflict and various legal procedures between Dommel/Billi and Proximus, we are forced to end our telecom services to you as of this Sunday March 31 because Proximus has decided to end its service to Dommel and Billi. Roaming will not be offered as of now. Therefore, we are forced to end the services to you and to cancel the agreement between Dommel and/or Billi with you.

For more than a year, we have tried with Proximus, who exclusively provides the access to the copper network in Belgium, to come to a solution in order to continue to provide our customers with a competitive and innovative telecom product.

Unfortunately, we encountered a strong monopolist on this journey who tries his best to limit the access to the telephone network and hence the broadband internet network for virtual operators. In order to continue to serve our customers, we have tried all available legal routes and options, unfortunately without success, however. Therefore we have to give up that battle today.

We sincerely hope that this Dommel and Billi case will at least contribute to a better monitoring of the regulation in the future.

In our opinion, the Belgian telecom consumer deserves a competitive, good and transparent product. Therefore, we are looking for alternative suppliers. This will take a couple of weeks’ time, for mobile probably less.

In order to be informed we kindly request you to login to the form above and confirm your contact details, this way we can keep you posted on further updates and news.

Of course we understand if you don’t want or can’t wait that long. In such case, we recommend you to look out for another alternative. You can compare today’s operator market offering at www.besttariff.be.

The Dommel and Billi helpdesk still can be contacted by email.
For general questions, please mail to [email protected]
For technical questions, please mail to [email protected]
Answers to questions will be bundled in the FAQ section on the website.

Finally, we want to offer you our sincere apologies.
the Dommel/Billi team